About Us

Jewellery Domain is an online Jewellery Store like no other giving shoppers an experience that is both exciting and rewarding.

Founded and managed by industry experts who hold over 25 years experience in both Australia and the United States of America, Jewellery Domain was created to fill a void in the current retail Jewellery industry.

Through using our established relationships with leading Jewellery wholesalers, manufacturers and designers, our company can offer a larger variety of Jewellery pieces and extraordinary discounts compared to the stock and prices available in the commercial retail stores. We can pass this discount on to you, our customers, through our elimination of the pieces being marked up through the retail outlets and delivered straight to your door.

Our extensive range of Jewellery has been hand-selected by our team and presented in three categories:

  • Fashion Collection
  • Sterling Silver Collection
  • Gold Collection

Our collections have been stylized as both individual pieces along with complimenting Jewellery ensembles such as necklace, bracelet and earrings sets. Offering options in both style and price points, there is something for everyone to suit any occasion and budget. From our high-end Gold collection with precious stones through to the fun eclectic style of our Fashion pieces, we pride ourselves on providing unique pieces that mainstream jewellers fail to offer in their catalogues and denying customers of the choice of owning something different.

The Jewellery Domain online store offers the same promise of exceptional customer service and warranties on our pieces. Our team strives to continue sourcing only the best in quality and value for our Jewellery customers and giving them the opportunity to own pieces they are proud of without paying inflated prices. If you would like any more information about products and services, please feel free to contact our head office.

Otherwise, welcome to Jewellery Domain and happy shopping!

The Reason for Jewellery Domain

JD was created out of a need for jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers of fine jewellery (precious metals and gemstones) to sell their excess stock.

JD is a conglomerate of manufacturers and wholesalers with the express need to sell their excess stock.

JD is not a site that will restock, hence once the excess inventory is sold it will not be replaced. There may be 100 excess units of a design in stock or as little as 20 for each design.

JD is a win-win site, the manufacturer/wholesaler moves its stock and the consumer has a financial win.

The variety of product on the site is across the board catering to every taste and demographics.

All products are made from either solid 9k gold or solid 925 sterling silver unless otherwise stated. The majority of silver items are rhodium plated (jewellers quality) for the ultimate shine and to stop oxidisation of the metal.

The quality of the silver designs is so consistently high it is difficult to tell the difference between a white gold diamond set ring that is rhodium plated and a silver ring set with cubic zirconia and rhodium plated.

Manufacturers and wholesalers from all over Australia have the opportunity to sell their excess stock on the JD site. Industry standards and qualifications apply to ensure consistency, quality and trust from our site.

The product on this site may appear familiar because IT IS the same product that you see at your local jewellers.